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A Spark of Light and A Feeling of Joy

By Sr. Rosemary Goubeaux

As I reflected on the beginnings of this pandemic, I had no idea how long it would last. No one knows! For certain, I recognized my daily schedule needed to change.

The virus curtailed my volunteer ministry on Wednesdays at a local cancer center. For the past five years I visited patients there after retiring from a pastoral care position. Because of COVID-19, I also could no longer help at Emma Hall where our Sisters who need full-time nursing care live. Nor could I bring Eucharist each week to our Sister in a memory care facility.

My heart aches for all these individuals. I pondered and prayed how I could best use the experience of the pandemic to serve so many special persons. Then our mission statement as Sisters of the Precious Blood filled my mind and heart. We are called to be a healing and reconciling presence. I realized if I can’t visit others in person, I can call to say I am thinking of and praying for them. Or I can send cards of love and support.

The members of our Community were first on my list. I was sure our coordinator of Sisters in Emma would deliver mail each day. The Sisters responded with such enthusiasm! I knew I wanted to continue keeping in touch. For those I had the privilege of talking with by phone, I sensed the joy they experienced in being remembered, especially in prayer.

For many others, to whom I send cards, I can only trust that a spark of light and joy comes to their long days. I also lengthened my list to include people who live alone or who lost a loved one. In total I contact about one or two each day. The list keeps growing!

I feel God is leading me in this endeavor. I thank God for the hope, joy and love I am able to share. I am most grateful for the blessings I have received through these interactions. Yes, there are genuine blessings during the pandemic!

This was originally published in "This Good Work" from the Sisters of the Precious Blood. Find the full publication here.

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