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Joyful News

Third Sunday of Advent - Today's Readings

At first glance, John the Baptist was a little crazy. I mean, he wanders around in the wilderness eating locusts and dressing in different clothing. Sometimes it seems like he speaks in riddles and he keeps talking about this "someone else" who is coming.

And yet, today is the third Sunday of Advent, a day we attribute to joy! The Israelites had been praying for a Messiah for generations. The proclamation that he is here (or is coming) would certainly be joyful news. But why was John the one to deliver the news, to go before the Lord and prepare the way? Why not a Pharisee or someone with more authority?

In my life, it's never the people with the most authority that have led me to Christ. My former youth minster was a crazy middle-aged bald man that wore funny hats and socks. A previous co-worker was a boisterous, joyful runner who was obsessed with birds. My husband is a goofy, head-strong, Star Wars fanatic. Each of these people have reminded me of the joy of the Gospel and have led me closer to Christ. They each exemplified authenticity in their relationship with God, which in turn, allowed me to be authentic. Now, that's joyful news!

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