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Mary, Mother of God

Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God - Today's Readings

Happy New Year! We made it to 2021! In terms of the liturgical year, today we celebrate Mary, the Mother of God. It's interesting that the Church chose the first day of the year to celebrate Mary. Perhaps it's because she's the beginning of Jesus' earthly life or the beginning of Eve's redemption. Mothers see so many beginnings and firsts in the lives of their children. Perhaps the Church wanted to re-focus us by giving us a model of discipleship at the beginning of each year.

Whatever the reason for the date of today's feast day, I invite you to look at your relationship with Mary. Do you even have one? Imagine yourself conversing with her, asking her for guidance. Is she more of a friend, like in the story of the visitation? Is she a mother, gently guiding you in the right direction? Is she the seat of wisdom, perhaps an older grandmother figure?

I've never quite had a strong relationship with Mary. But, I am attracted to her virtue of gentleness. I imagine her being a gentle yet firm mother. If you struggle with the idea of a relationship with Mary, perhaps spend some time thinking about qualities of her you are drawn to. As we enter into this new year, let us ask God for the grace to grow in that virtue. And may Mary, our mother, pray for us that we mimic those heavenly virtues as well!

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