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Precious Blood Spirituality & Foster Care

by Jenna Legg

In case you didn't know, I'm a foster parent. My husband and I have been fostering for almost three years at this point. Currently we have an adopted son and a foster (soon-to-be adopted) son. For the last several months, we were living as a family of five and I was proudly bearing the title of "Boy Mom". Recently our youngest kiddo was reunified with his biological parents. In the long run, I know this is good, but right now the grief of missing him is making it difficult to live in hope.

I recall the disciples fear and sorrow on Holy Saturday. Jesus told them he would rise again and they fully believed that He was God, but they were still grieving the loss of their friend and mentor. I am living in Holy Saturday, desperately waiting and wishing to see a glimpse of new life. But I don't know when Easter will come.

One of the only depictions I could find of the disciples on Holy Saturday.

Precious Blood Spirituality reminds us that suffering is holy too. Saturday, with all it's grief, sorrow, questioning and more was still Holy Saturday. I'm not sure it makes the suffering lighter for me to bear knowing that it's holy, but I am thankful that I am not alone in the suffering and that my faith does not rush me through it. I do not have to hide the grief or pretend that the happy ending of reunification erases my need to mourn. In fact, Precious Blood Spirituality reminds us that we should mourn, we should express our sorrow. Without the blood shed on the cross, we would not have the blood in the cup, offered to all of us. Without my grief and loss, a mother and son would not be reunited. All injustices are worthy of someone's mourning, someone's grief. My baby is worth mourning and deserves to have someone desperately missing him.

Am I okay? No, not right now. But I will be. Thankfully, Precious Blood Spirituality reminds me that's a valid place to be.

PS. May is Foster Care Awareness Month. For more information, visit the Child Welfare agency:

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