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Who Is A Sister of the Precious Blood?

Sr. Terry Walter answers the question "Who is a Sister of the Precious Blood?"

We are:

  • Women who are reconciling and reconciled with each other, women who instigate reconciliation in our lives, in our ministries, in our world

  • Women who take the responsibility for the sin of the world. We know it isn’t just “theirs” but also ours. We understand sinfulness and work to heal it, to correct injustice, to restore

  • Women who never give up on each other, always struggling to understand, to speak words that heal, to include, to restore

  • Women who heal each other who heal our fractured world

  • Women who delight at the One Table: inclusive, welcoming, inviting

  • Forgiving women, who let go of hurt, who resist resentment, who embrace those who crucify us

  • Resurrected women, alive and joyful, with good news that the impossible can happen, that sin and death don’t have the last word.

  • Believing women, clinging to God who holds us close, acting in faith during the darkness of our lives and our world.

  • Women who follow Jesus, who understand and long for and birth God’s Reign

  • Women who notice that the tomb is empty and look elsewhere for Jesus

  • Women who die well, pouring out our life for the transformation of the world, pouring our life into God

  • Precious women who recognize our preciousness and notice it in others. We cherish the preciousness of blood shed. We delight in the preciousness of life flowing in our world.

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