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Dear Dinah

This article was originally posted in our bi-monthly newsletter, This Good Work.

Sr. Joan labeling soap bars.

Over the years, Sisters of the Precious Blood have participated in the SOAP (Saving Our Adolescents from Prostitution) organization. In particular, we have helped with the labeling of soap bars with the National Human Trafficking Hotline (1-888-373-7888). The soap is distributed to area motels, where trafficked and other vulnerable individuals may see the phone number and be able to seek help. This project continues to be a very effective way to help those who want to be freed from prostitution and trafficking.

Abolition Ohio is another organization that addresses many aspects of the human trafficking issue in and around Dayton, Ohio. Precious Blood Sisters Patty Kremer and Marita Beumer regularly attend Abolition Ohio meetings. At a recent meeting, they heard of an organization, Dear Dinah, which aims to “create a safe place for survivors of human trafficking and to help raise awareness by connecting a community of people who are devoted to protecting and empowering the Dinah’s of the world.” Dear Dinah takes its name from Genesis 34, with the story of Dinah and the Shechemites.

Women seeking freedom from prostitution and trafficking need support in many different areas of life, one of which is the spiritual. Working with the founder of Dear Dinah, Sister Marita is coordinating an effort to enlist Precious Blood Sisters as prayer partners for women in crisis. We look forward to continuing to helping whenever and wherever we are needed in the fight against human trafficking.

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