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About Us

Inspired by Precious Blood Spirituality, Mother Maria Anna Brunner had the desire to spread the devotion to the Precious Blood of Jesus. Along with a few women, she ensured vigil was kept before the Eucharist every night. And so began the Sisters of the Precious Blood. Officially founded in 1834 in Switzerland, the Sisters of the Precious Blood came to the US in 1844.  Ministering first in rural Ohio and Indiana, the Sisters are now located in many parts of the US, Chile and Guatemala. Download our eBook to learn more about the history of the Sisters of the Precious Blood.

Precious Blood spirituality is a way of life, a way of being present. Mother Brunner did whatever she could so that "not one drop of Precious Blood be shed in vain." Following in her footsteps, the Sisters are motivated by Eucharistic devotion to respond to the "cry of the blood" in our world.

Urged by the redeeming love of Jesus Christ and rooted in Eucharistic Prayer, we Sisters of the Precious Blood proclaim God's love by being a life-giving, reconciling presence in our fractured world.

Our Mission Statement

Our Foundress

Mother Maria Anna Brunner was a faithful young woman growing up in Switzerland. She worked as a maid for the Brunner household and later married John Baptist Brunner at the age of 29.  She raised six children in the faith (two became priests and one became a nun). When her children were grown and her husband passed away, Maria Anna sought out spiritual pilgrimages to deepen her relationship with God. One such pilgrimage led her to Rome, where she became familiar with the Missionaries of the Precious Blood. Drawn to charism, she gathered local women to ensure vigil always be kept over the Eucharist. And so began the Sisters of the Precious Blood in 1834.

Our Foundress

Our Ministries

Since our charism calls us to live a spirituality, not a particular ministry, we are able to be a reconciling presence as advocates, educators, health care professionals and pastoral ministers.

To learn more about some particular ministries we are involved in, visit our ministries page!

Daily Life

The Sisters' daily lives are based on the schedule of their ministries and community life. Likewise, time for prayer and silence is taken at the Sister's convenience.


For more information on the daily lives of the Sisters throughout history, check out an Archival Snapshot!

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