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A few small steps to save our planet

Sr. Nancy recently wrote this note to many of our Sisters, to encourage them to know where they receive their energy!

I live in an apartment at which I pay my own utilities, including gas and electric. Periodically I have the opportunity to choose which companies supply my electricity and gas that are delivered to me by my utility companies.

On each of my separate monthly utility bills for electricity and gas is the name of the supplier I chose to supply the energy. In my case, one company, Direct Energy, supplies both of my utilities. When I became aware of a different supplier that offered clean energy, I considered changing to that supplier. But first, I needed to know the source of energy my present supplier uses.

Here are the steps I took: 1. I looked on each electric and gas bill to see the name of the energy supplier. 2. I then called my supplier, Direct Energy, and asked if they are presently using Green/Clean resources for the energy they are supplying. 3. If not, I asked if they have available the Green/Clean/renewable energy resource. 4. Since Direct Energy does have a clean energy source, I asked them to change to it. 5. Of course the cost increased (for electrical energy it cost 6 cents more per kWh); I thought the increase was worth accepting to save our planet. 6. I learned my gas was natural gas and need not change it. 7. If Direct Energy did not have a green energy resource, I would look for another company that does supply Green/Clean energy.

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