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A Precious Blood Advent, 3rd Sunday

by Sr. Joyce Ann Zimmerman, CPPS

Third Sunday of Advent: Matt 11:2-11

December 15, 2019

Oh, my, we have another time warp with this Sunday’s gospel! We now skip back in time to John the Baptist sending his disciples to see if Jesus is the long-awaited Messiah. Jesus’ answer is not a simple yes or no, but he bids John’s disciples to “hear and see” for themselves and report this back to John. Jesus’ saving Presence is concretely observable in the very goodness that flows from his every act.

This gospel raises an important question concerning Precious Blood Spirituality: Are we living in such a way that our own good works witness undeniably to who we are? And who are we? Yes, those called to live Precious Blood Spirituality, to live as Jesus did. This kind of living is only possible because we have been baptized into Christ (see Rom 6:3-4). We have been given Jesus’ very identity! We are members of his Body! We are sharers in his mission to bring the message of salvation to all people! Such an awesome gift and responsibility, this oneness in Christ! No wonder that Jesus extolled John, but even more so each of us! Our greatness “in the kingdom of heaven” does not rest on our own efforts, but on our willingness to surrender ourselves to doing God’s will. At the cost of letting go of our own self-will, we bring Life to others! Is the self-identity I embrace as one baptized into Christ evident in what people “hear and see” me say and do?

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