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A Precious Blood Advent, 4th Sunday

by Sr. Joyce Ann Zimmerman, CPPS

Fourth Sunday of Advent: Matt 1:18-24

December 22, 2019

Finally, on this Fourth Sunday of Advent, the gospel turns us toward events concerning Jesus’ Nativity. This gospel is the longest passage we have about St. Joseph. He finds himself in an awful dilemma: his betrothed is “with child” but not by him! What to do? The law allowed him to divorce her; but that would have brought shame to her. How could he do that to the one whom he loved enough to betroth? He was a “righteous man,” a man in right relationship with his God and with his betrothed. What to do? The gospel tells us that an “angel of the Lord” announced to him that Mary conceived “through the Holy Spirit.” What faith it must have taken for Joseph to believe the angel and take “his wife into his home.” What faith it must have taken for Joseph to name Mary’s Child Jesus, which called Joseph to let go of his claim on Jesus who would be about his saving mission! What faith must it have taken for Joseph to slip into the background as Jesus went about his life and ministry!

Yes, Joseph is the faithful one. No wonder the General Practices of the Congregation list St. Joseph as one of our patrons! Faith is not simply an adherence to dogmas and doctrines, but it is a firm YES to doing God’s will. Faith relates us to God in an all-reaching way; faith, doing God’s will, enables any good we do. Joseph is an exemplary model of one who lived Precious Blood Spirituality! So are we, when we choose to be faithful as Joseph. How do I evidence my faithfulness to God’s ways?

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Dec 26, 2019

O God, in your great mercy and compassion, grant, by your power-and-grace within-me, the insight and strength to remove whatever obstacles prevent me from knowing, living, and fulfilling your will for my life. I ask this in the Name of Your Beloved Son, and Our Beloved JESUS, the Christ. Amen.

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