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A Precious Blood Christmas, Epiphany

by Sr. Joyce Ann Zimmerman, CPPS

The Epiphany of the Lord: Matt 2:1-12

January 5, 2020

Duplicity isn’t very nice! And such duplicity Herod displays in this gospel! When Herod hears “magi from the east” are searching for the “newborn king of the Jews,” he sends for them, tells them to go to Bethlehem to find the One to whom the star was leading them, and then return to Herod and report that they had found him, “that I too may go and do him homage.” Really? Herod has no intention of doing this supposed rival to his throne any homage. The magi find Jesus, offer him homage and gifts, and are warned “in a dream” not to return to Herod. Instead of offering homage to the newborn king, Herod does the unthinkable: he orders male babies born at about the time of this Infant he fears to be killed. But God’s plan for our salvation cannot be thwarted by earthly kings using base human tactics.

Living Precious Blood Spirituality with its demand to be self-giving is an antidote to duplicity, untoward power, deplorable actions. Our Spirituality is the star we follow to encounter Jesus, to offer him homage, to give him the gift of ourselves. It is the star we follow to discern God’s will for us, to continue Jesus’ saving mission, to journey to the east and the rising Star that heralds God’s Presence. By living Precious Blood Spirituality we encounter death as Jesus did: dying to ourselves in doing God’s will and facing the death of duplicity from others who do not understand the life choices we make. But we know the Cross is the way to Resurrection and new Life. Living with integrity, doing God homage, and self-offering is our way of following the star as the magi did long ago to an encounter with the King who changes us, heals us, nourishes us. What star do I follow? Where does it lead?

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2 comentários

Membro desconhecido
05 de jan. de 2020

"... the star we follow to encounter Jesus ... to give him the gift of ourselves ... to discern God’s will for us, to continue Jesus’ saving mission ..."

Surely this is a 'mind-and-heart-full' prayer of contemplation .... and action ..... To "KNOW" .... from the "Inside-Out" it is Our God we love and serve, in our loving and being present to, and serving the good and well-being of others ..... especially those most hurting and in need of God's Love and Caring Presence in their lives ...

O God, hear my prayer ... Lead me by the light of your truth and love .... Let me live by - and in - grace .... as did Mary, who 'trusted…


Membro desconhecido
03 de jan. de 2020

As I think of the innocent babes and toddlers killed by the evil plot of Herod, and the fact that this story must have been told and re-told among the Jewish communities during the development and formative years of JESUS, it must have caused him great pain to know that innocent "little ones" were killed in his place. And I wonder if his knowing this and having it 'weigh on his heart' throughout his life had something to do with how and why he could come to such an awareness of what was being asked of him as he grew older. That his life -- the life of an innocent and loving man -- would be given, and his blo…

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