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A Response to the Dayton Shooting

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

The Sisters of the Precious Blood are heartbroken over the killing of nine and the injury of 27 of our fellow Daytonians as well as the people who were killed and injured in El Paso, Texas on August 3.

Sisters joining in prayer with the rest of the community a day after the shooting in Dayton that killed nine people.

We grieve with our neighbors and with the entire country over senseless tragedies such as these, which are born out of hatred, fear and despair. Our resolve is strengthened to counter and overcome the negative influences in our culture that result in this violence and to demand sensible legislation that works for the good of all people, not for the powerful few.

Our Precious Blood spirituality calls us to be a healing and reconciling presence in our fractured world. For over twenty years, we have ministered to people in Dayton communities where murders have occurred through gun or other forms of violence, by leading and participating in interfaith homicide prayer vigils. Through prayer and social action, we stand with the marginalized, with the broken, and we consistently work to promote active nonviolence.

While we know that changes to our laws will not prevent all shootings, we are obliged as a nation and as people of faith to promote the common good – which includes making sacrifices of personal desires, to actively promote peace in our everyday lives and in our spheres of influence and to ensure that the law is fair and reasonable in protecting the most vulnerable people in our population.

Sisters at the prayer vigil in the Oregon District the day after the shooting

As Precious Blood Sisters, we believe that each person is precious and that God calls us to relationship with one another. We understand the reconciling power of reaching out to others in love. We encourage all people to show their care and concern for their neighbors, especially those who are on the fringes – whether they are in our schools, neighborhoods, workplaces or organizations. In doing this, together we build a more peaceful and loving society where the power of love, not hate, is triumphant.

Other news: Sr. Jeannette Buehler was featured in this article:

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