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Anna's Devotions

Sixth Day in the Octave of Christmas - Today's Readings

Today we see Anna, a woman seemingly without hope, offer to hope to all those who would listen. She spoke about Jesus and the promise he brings. As an old woman, without a man to support her, to see her proclaiming such joy would have been eye-opening.

I wonder what kept Anna hopeful. What allowed her to continue praying and fasting? Was it her will to survive? Was it a promise God made to her? Either way, I can only imagine that her prayer and fasting sustained her.

Fasting has never been a preferred spiritual practice for me. Prayer certainly gets me through difficult times. However, I think Mass is the devotion that is particularly helpful for me during trying times. When I feel like I cannot find the words to pray and don't even know how to be with God, I'm able to go to Mass and allow the Church to pray the words with me and for me. The routine is comforting and the mystery it points to is humbling. When the Christmas season is behind us, what devotions can help you remain hopeful?

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