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Be the Precious Blood

by Jenna Legg

Precious Blood Spirituality is a broad and encompasses many concepts. Think about blood and all that it does for the body. Blood nourishes, it transports, it protects, it heals. We even have blood transfusions - blood can literally be shared, uniting us. If our human blood has all these capabilities, think of what power the Precious Blood of Jesus has. The Blood of Jesus can truly heal, reconcile, unite, nourish, comfort and equip us. And isn't that what the world needs right now? Healing, reconciliation, unity, comfort, nourishment and inspiration to move forward?

Let us look to Jesus and His Most Precious Blood as we move forward. But, let's not just pray. Let us act. Let's not just pray for healing for our nation, but be healers. Let's not just pray for reconciliation, but reconcile with others who believe differently than we do. Let us not just protect our beliefs, but protect all people. And while these words are easy to say, the actions we must take will be harder. Jesus shed his blood for the work of healing, reconciliation and love. We must also be willing to be vulnerable, to be broken down before we can rebuild. But we cannot expect others to do it if we are unwilling to do it ourselves.

Precious Blood spirituality is about restoring justice - not necessarily American justice, but God's justice. It's about restoring the relationships between God and humanity, humanity and the earth and humanity with itself. As I said before, there are many roles needed to take part in this restoration: nourishers, healers, reconcilers, unifiers, communicators, teachers, listeners and more. Today, I invite you to listen to the call of the Precious Blood and then go be the Precious Blood that the world needs.

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