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Busy Sisters

Over the last few months, the pandemic has not slowed down our sisters! Sure, it has shifted how they minister, but they continue to hear and respond to the cry of the Blood.

A new house was purchased in Guatemala, which will be able to accommodate more women who wish to move in and continue their higher education. Both Sr. Margo and Sr. Gerri received outstanding caregiver awards for their work in the medical field. Sr. Mumbi has been active online, by leading prayers and offering reflections and participating in panel discussions. Sr. Carolyn and Sr. Donna remain active at Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation as they help others navigate poverty in the middle of a pandemic. Novice Sr. MikYoung traveled to California and began a new ministry, and she's been able to learn more about the Sisters' presence out west. The Sisters helped financially to build a local home for a family in need.

Countless Sisters have been active on zoom, continuing to meet with their small faith groups, ministering to clients, companioning others and participating in board meetings. Although the community was unable to celebrate the holidays while physically together, they remain connected through prayer and zoom!

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