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Dear Sister: Advice?

Dear Sister,

What advice would you give for someone who is discerning religious life? 


                                                 Monica C.

Dear Monica,

To me, the most important thing is be yourself. Don’t try to be something else. Don’t try to be what you think a Sister is because I don’t even fit my own stereotype of a Sister. Be who you are. Let God work through you and your particular gifts and talents. And listen to the people around you, people you trust, people who know you. Allow yourself to be quiet in prayer. Go for walks. Watch the sunset. Look at the stars. Let God speak to you. It might come to you as you watch a flower bloom or you watch an ant go after food. Allow yourself to be yourself and be open to the possibility. And be open to the possibility that it might be no and that’s okay. God does not call us all to the same thing. Be open to where God is calling you with your particular gifts and talents.

In prayer,

Sr. Karen

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