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Dear Sister: How did you know?

Dear Sister,

How did you know for sure that God wanted you to be a Sister?



Dear Jessica,

The short answer is "I didn’t."  It was many years after I entered that I finally figured it out.

Before I entered I did hear God’s call in prayer.  I didn’t want to do what God was calling me to do.  I was fighting with God.  What I discovered is that God won.  I came to recognize that God was right.  It was in religious life that I could best live out my baptism.  It was as a religious that I began to study theology.  It was as a religious that I would be exposed to different cultures and come to know all people as God’s precious creation.  Who knows what I would have turned out to be if I had not entered the congregation. I am always grateful that God did call me to be a Sister of the Precious Blood and to become the person I am: hardly perfect, but striving to be the best follower of Jesus Christ that I can be.

In prayer,

Sr. Ann

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