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Dear Sister: What's your job?

Dear Sister,

What do you do? Specifically, what kinds of careers can you have as a Sister?



As Sisters of the Precious Blood, we live a spirituality that is not based on a certain line of work. So, our Sisters have a variety of jobs and ministries. Sr. Joanne speaks about hers below:

Dear Annalise,

I work for Livingston County Catholic Charities in Howell as a clinical social worker specializing in mental health and the treatment of substance use disorders.

One of my responsibilities is to facilitate a program that includes outreach to individuals who have legal consequences. Other aspects include assisting individuals in gaining strategies to manage mental health issues and recovery from substance use.

I think often about the preciousness of people and the preciousness of life. Because each of us is created by God, we are all precious. My attempt in being with my clients is to focus on compassionate care and compassionate living as well as to assist individuals as they find inner freedom, healing, and a deeper sense of self all of which may lead to an increased self-esteem.

In prayer,

Sr. Joanne

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