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Eco-Justice Education

Earth Day was April 22nd, but our Sisters were busy celebrating our newest fully-professed Sister, so we decided to honor Arbor Day (April 29th) this year! As a Laudato Si' community, the Sisters of the Precious Blood are actively devoted to eco-justice. One pillar of eco-justice is education. This year, sisters are our mother house are encouraged to watch "My Octopus Teacher" and share in discussion following the documentary. As they continue to educate themselves, they also hope to share their education with others, which is why we'd love to share some films that may inspire you to get more involved in an eco-justice effort.

Disney + films for Earth Day - "Polar Bear", "Explorer: The Last Tepui" and "The Biggest Little Farm: The Return".

Netflix Films - a variety of films in Netflix's ecology genre.

We encourage you to watch a film or two and reflect or share a few of the discussion questions below:

  1. What is my relationship like with creation? How do I honor and show gratitude for the gift of creation?

  2. Precious Blood Spirituality calls us to reconcile with ourselves, with others, with God and with creation. How is God calling me to reconcile myself with God's creation?

  3. What concrete thing can I do to work towards that reconciliation?

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