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Everyday Miracles

Wednesday of the Third Week of Advent - Today's Readings

John's disciples were on a mission to find out if Jesus was really the Messiah. Jesus did not give them an answer from scripture or try to convince them with logic, but instead, He told them to go and tell John what they had seen and experienced. "Jesus is the Messiah. We've seen Him raise people from the dead, cure the sick and heal the lame...."

While my faith is complex and rooted in much more than my experience, I cannot deny God's actions in my life. I remember my car breaking down (like smoking and dangerous) minutes after dropping off kids from a retreat, my mom's unexpected recovery from a health scare, and chance encounters that led to meeting my husband. God's hands were in all of those instances and millions more in my life.

But I also believe in God not because of the miracles He has done, but because of the joy He has given me. In some sense, it's a miracle that I can be joyful despite the sorrowful events of life.

What has God done in your life? If someone asks you how you know God is working in the world today, how would you answer?

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