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Expect a Miracle

Friday of the first week of Advent: Today's Readings

Today's Gospel is about faith and expecting that Jesus can and will perform miracles in our lives. Instead of going through the motions, it's a call to remember that Jesus is King of the Universe and He is all powerful. He can heal the blind and cure the sick. Surely he can help us in our requests. But, do we have faith that He can? Do we really believe in his power?

If Jesus answered our prayer requests with "Let it be done according to your faith," what would our faith do for us?

I must admit that even I don't always think of Jesus as almighty. I don't expect miraculous things to happen in my life. I know the stories in scripture of God parting the sea, delivering manna day after day, and Jesus raising the dead. To some extent, it seems like those people are all celebrities, like those things could never happen to me.

I don't think I lack faith though, at least I hope not. But I'm not sure the last time I asked for a miracle, let alone expected it to happen. So today, my prayer is that I can have faith the size of a mustard seed, to be able to ask and expect a miracle from God.

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