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Gifts You Already Have

Wednesday of the first week of Advent: Today's Readings

My husband and I are foster parents and were recently placed with a beautifully rambunctious two-year-old boy. This kiddo is a bundle of energy and can NEVER sit still. So you can imagine the difficulties this presents during Mass, especially for a child who has never been to Mass before! So, we keep a steady supply of goldfish handy to keep his hands and his mouth occupied. Once we were running low on fish and the priest had just finished the homily. With half the mass to go, my husband leaned over and whispered, "Do you think God will multiply these fish?"

We didn't run out of fish that day, miraculously. I think God multiplies whatever gifts we return to him. Aside from food, I notice God multiplies my time when I'm able to give it away. When I care for my children, husband and friends, dedicate time for work and spend time in prayer, I'm overwhelmed how I can still find time for myself.

As we focus on gifts this season, perhaps we are called not think of ones we can buy, but the ones we already have. What gifts do you give to your family or friends already? Perhaps you provide a listening ear, wisdom, or even companionship. Do you cook for your family, stay late at your job to help others, or sing at church? How has God multiplied your gifts?

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