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Glory to God, even in a pandemic

The Nativity of the Lord - Today's Readings

It can be hard to reconcile the joy of the season with all of the sorrow and turmoil of this past year. How do we celebrate Jesus' birth when so many are continuing to suffer?

But today we celebrate that Jesus entered in our reality, he became human, even to the point of suffering. Jesus knows and understands what it's like to be human. He may not have had to wear a mask or maintain social distance during the high holy days. But I'm sure he felt isolated or alone. I'm sure he missed his friends or family. We know that he lost friends due to illness.

This is how I can celebrate this year. I know that Jesus is alongside of us and knows our suffering. And Jesus is not just another person; Jesus is God! He humbled himself to be with us!

Our holidays are probably a little different this year, a little simpler perhaps. The first Christmas was pretty simple as well, but was certainly filled with joy. May you and your family celebrate the small joys this year and recall how God has been with you throughout the year!

Merry Christmas!

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