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God's Dream

Friday of the Third Week of Advent - Today's Readings

I cannot imagine Joseph's dilemma upon finding out Mary was pregnant. The fact that he was planning on divorcing her quietly shows his righteousness. But then God appears to him in a dream and explains the situation. Joseph accepts without question and cares for Mary and his new son.

A few things come to mind. The first is that it is no wonder Pope Francis declared this year the year of St. Joseph (Dec. 8, 2020 - Dec. 8, 2021). Joseph's faithfulness to God, to his wife and to his son is inspiring. He shows incredible compassion and gentleness, while simultaneously being strength and courage for his new family.

Secondly, as I read this passage, I'm struck by God's dream for Joseph in comparison to Joseph's dream for himself. I imagine Joseph wanting a normal family situation with a wife and a handful of children. He dreamed he would continue his work as a carpenter to provide for his family. But God intervenes and shows Joseph a more abundant (and more dangerous) life. A life of him caring for the Son of God, traveling with a pregnant wife, and escaping officials who want to hurt his family.

Today, as we reflect on Joseph's dream, let us imagine the life that God is dreaming up for us. How can we be open to God's dream? How might God's dream for our lives be different than our own?

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