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God's Surprise

Saturday of the Third Week of Advent - Today's Readings

After being married and struggling with infertility, the story of Elizabeth and Zechariah takes on new meaning for me. In the past, I've looked to Elizabeth for the faith and courage to continue. How did she remain faithful month after month of not becoming pregnant? Was she still praying for God to bless her with a child or had she given up?

Either way, today's Gospel reminds me that God still surprises us. We know that Elizabeth and Zechariah were advanced in age, so I would imagine they were not expecting to get pregnant. After years of trying, they had likely given up. They both remained faithful, we assume, as seen by Zechariah performing his temple duties. Then out of nowhere, God blesses them with a child!

Once again, we are reminded that God's timing is not our own. I'm also think of Abraham & Sarah's surprise pregnancy. Sarah was so surprised and overwhelmed that she laughed! I imagine Elizabeth doing the same. When has God's goodness caught you off guard? How has God surprised you, either for something you asked for or something you didn't expect?

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