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Holy Coincidence

Fifth Day in the Octave of Christmas - Today's Readings

What a beautiful moment we witness in today's Gospel! Mary & Joseph took Jesus to the temple and offered the customary sacrifice for the birth of a son. It was probably a joyous occasion after the period of purification. I also imagine it being like a baptism ceremony in that the community rejoices with the new parents as well.

Simeon is a witness of their celebration, but it is doubtful he knew the family prior to this day. But, this turned out to be a blessing for him as well. Upon seeing the child, he knew (thanks to the Holy Spirit) that the Messiah had come. He blessed the new parents and left.

They blessed one another by their presence, certainly an act of God's graceful timing. How many times have we been blessed because of God's timing? We run into a friend at the supermarket and are instantly uplifted. Or we meet a new person who introduces us to a new job, house or significant other. Things that may appear like a coincidence can be God's perfecting timing. And what a blessing that He is using us (and we're able to listen) to make these moments memorable and holy.

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