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Holy Spirit Surprises

Feast of St. Stephen - Today's Readings

In today's Gospel, I know that Jesus is speaking to the disciples about more extreme circumstances, but I have felt the Holy Spirit speak through me in a variety of occasions. I've never been on trial for my faith, but I have been asked to lead prayer at the last minute for over 200 people. I've had to give a witness talk without the slightest idea of what I could possibly say to inspire young adults. In one instance, I don't even remember what I spoke to the students in prayer, but they were touched by the experience. I give all the credit to the Holy Spirit.

I've had other less significant circumstances where I recall an odd story to tell and it just so happens to speak to someone in a special way. Other times, someone has said to me they didn't plan on attending a retreat but they came at the last minute and my story touched them. Again, I give all credit to the Holy Spirit and I'm blessed to have the spirit work through me.

Today the Church remembers St. Stephen, the first martyr. We may not be called to give up our lives for our faith, but we are called to give up parts of lives. But when we sacrifice, the Holy Spirit is able to work through us and do even better things. As we continue to celebrate the joy of Christmas, let us celebrate the ways the Holy Spirit works through us!

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