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Holy Week Reflections

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

by Jenna Legg

It's odd to think that a year has passed since the pandemic began to control our lives in the US. In all honesty, I can't even remember holy week last year. Churches weren't open, so there was no washing of the feet, venerating of the cross or welcoming of new members in the faith. I missed being overwhelmed with the scent of lilies in the sanctuary and the giddy excitement of singing an upbeat and joyful alleluia again. With the absence of those Easter reminders and the looming pandemic restrictions, it was hard to celebrate the joy of the resurrection last year.

This year we are able to celebrate these holy days as a faith family, at least in my community. To some extent I feel like we are concluding a year-long Lent. I anticipate the liturgies with nervous excitement. Nervous because I know I will undoubtedly recall the crosses we've had to bear this year - the loss, the loneliness, the restructuring of the lives we knew. But I'm excited because there's hope. Rapid vaccine distribution and warmer months make it easier for people to gather safely together. The infection and death rates appear to have slowed. These signs remind me that we may be able to be fully together again soon. Ultimately, Jesus' resurrection is a sign and reminder that we are meant to be together, with God and with one another. Jesus fought and defeated death so that we did not have to be alone, to be quarantined apart from Him. So as we slowly emerge from this Lenten pandemic and rejoice in being together again, let us remember that this is what Easter is about. This joy, this community, this love... this is why Jesus died for us and this is what we are promised in the resurrection!

I pray we can all celebrate (safely) the joy of community, of love, and resurrection.

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