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Identity Prayer

by Sr. Joyce Kahle

(Originally published in This Good Work)

Creator God, in your Divine love and graciousness, you blessed us each with our own identities and yet we are all created in your image and are part of one human family. You love each one of us unconditionally and have given us the potential to be unique reflections of your great love. We praise you for the Mystery that you are and the splendor of your creation. Help us to grow in our knowledge and love of our own uniqueness and gifts so that we may reflect that special aspect of your love to those around us.

Christ Jesus, Eternal Word of God, you walked among us, proclaiming the good news of God’s love and showing us concrete ways to love our neighbor. You shed your precious blood out of love for each one of us without exception. Open our hearts to love one another as you taught us and to accept the identities of others without bias or judgment.

Holy Spirit, you were sent among us to guide us and inspire us to live as Jesus taught. Give us the vision to see others as God our Creator sees them. Inspire us to be witnesses of love and acceptance of others. Give us the courage to speak out against prejudice, bias, hatred and violence toward any minority group. Embolden us to proclaim God’s love and to be a reconciling presence in our fractured world.


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