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Light of the World

Seventh Day in the Octave of Christmas - Today's Readings

I love Christmas lights! Every time I come home, I immediately plug in the Christmas tree. The lights bring a joy, mystery and ambiance to a room. I love the glow in a room that is lit by only Christmas lights. For those of us in the northern hemisphere, Christmas falls during the time when we have the longest nights. And we light up our neighborhoods and homes with lights. I think they offer us hope, joy and beauty when we experience so much darkness.

I know John didn't have Christmas lights, but I can understand his comparison to

Jesus as the light. Jesus is that glimmer of hope, the glow in our otherwise mundane lives. A single light has such power in a dark room; darkness cannot overcome it.

As we continue in this holiday season, what is light in your life? Who helps you overcome darkness and offers you hope? What brings beauty into your life?

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