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Lighter Burden

Wednesday of the Second Week of Advent - Today's Readings

After reading this short Gospel, I want to curl up in an oversized chair with a weighted blanket around me and take a nap. This is the rest I want from Jesus.

I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling this way. It's no surprise that we are all finding ourselves extra burdened these days. Countless studies and surveys are finding more instances of mental illness, temper flare ups and exhaustion. Aside from the daily stresses, we are still navigating life in the pandemic and some of our normal coping mechanisms are no longer feasible. We could all use Jesus' lighter burden.

I wish I had some advice or secret to finding this lighter burden of Jesus in our chaotic world. My go-to suggestion is usually prayer and Mass, but even that has become difficult. Finding quiet time when everyone is working and school at home is difficult. Thankfully, I've been reminded that now is the time to be gentle with ourselves. We need to cut ourselves some slack and be content in doing the minimum. Not everyone will receive a present this year or even a Christmas card. We don't have to zoom with every family member either. I don't have do the extra things at work that helpful, but not necessary. The kids don't need homecooked meals for every meal; pizza feeds them too.

Today, instead of using this Gospel as an Advent call or challenge, it is my prayer for all of us. God, come and give us rest.

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