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Much to Celebrate

It's been a busy summer for the Sisters of the Precious Blood. In an earlier post, we high-lighted Sr. MikYoung professing first vows. Now, we want you to join us in celebrating both Sr. Mumbi and Sr. LaKesha as they both renewed their vows as Sisters of the Precious Blood!

Sr. Mumbi (center) with all the Sisters who attended her renewal.

On July 25th, at Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation in Chicago's south side, Sr. Mumbi renewed her vows of poverty, chastity and obedience as a Sister of the Precious Blood. Fr. Denny presided over the outdoor liturgy and president Sr. Edna Hess received Sr. Mumbi's vows.

It's common for a vow renewal to take place wherever the Sister is currently living or ministering. Sr. Mumbi continues to live in Chicago and participate in a variety of ministries, including some time at PBMR. The entire liturgy was outdoors and quite a few Dayton sisters traveled to Chicago to celebrate with her. There was a reception afterwards with some delicious food from what I'm told!

Fr. Denny, Sr. Edna & Sr. Mumbi during the liturgy.

On August 24th, Sr. LaKesha renewed her vows as a Sister of the Precious Blood at our mother house in Dayton. The chapel was crowded as many sisters gathered to pray for Sr. LaKesha's continued discernment. They also expressed their gratitude for the gift of who she is to the Sisters.

Sr. LaKesha chose the readings, music and more at the liturgy. The cover of the program was a photograph of artwork that she hand-stitched!

Sisters promise temporary vows for 3-5 years, at which time they are full members of the community, but in ongoing discernment. They continue to live in community and minister with the Sisters as they prepare to take final vows or discern otherwise.

Sr. Lakesha professing her vows and Sr. Edna receiving them.

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