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Open Ears

Thursday of the Second Week of Advent - Today's Readings

Today's Gospel certainly has a different sentiment than yesterday's offer of rest for the weary. Today Jesus is warning of violence in the Kingdom of heaven and is sternly reminding the disciples to keep their ears and hearts open.

Honestly, I had to look up some biblical commentary on the Gospel today in order to understand it. What exactly did Jesus mean when he was talking about the violent taking the Kingdom of heaven by force? Is John really Elijah? (There's a lot of information on this. I'll let you draw your own conclusions.) So, it's no wonder some people may be unable to hear these messages.

Sometimes it's confusing passages in scripture or seemingly mixed messages from God that make it hard to hear God's word. Sometimes it's my own stubbornness or fear that close my ears off. Other times I'm just not listening. I'm either distracted or too busy with other things.

Whatever the reason God's word may be hard to hear, I know that His word is good and true. I pray that our hearts and ears may be open to God's message for us this Advent season.

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