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Our Surety is in the Cross

The following blog entry is an excerpt from the Lenten e-book "Praying Through Lent" created using a serious of reflections from Sr. Mary Alice Wurm. You can download the entire book here!

Sunday - 3rd Week of Lent In the struggle for man’s soul, Christ tells us, He has conquered.

What is the weapon which He uses? His love. It is divine, stronger than Satan and hell, all-powerful to heal souls of pride, to purge the attachments to sin that make man deaf and dumb to grace. It is so strong that it has wrestled man from Satan and now offers him on the Mass-paten to the Father.

Today we are told by word and dramatization that Christ can and will conquer in us. We see our faith-and-love weapons strengthened by the grace of the Mass in which we participate. Then we see that third weapon — trust, confidence in God’s love. Christ has saved us; we can trust Him not to forget or abandon us. He has won us in a great battle; He will not now lose the battle in our souls.

Download the entire Lenten e-book here!

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