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Questioning God

Monday of the Third Week of Advent/Memorial for St. John of the Cross - Today's Readings

It's easy to point blame at the Pharisees in today's Gospel for trying to trick Jesus into blasphemy. However, I know there are times when I've questioned God's authority. I wonder why God allows a friend to battle cancer or why He doesn't help those who struggle with infertility. Why is this virus still here? These questions can come from a lack of belief that God has authority over all the powers of the earth. Or when I don't doubt God's power, sometimes I doubt His wisdom or timing.

When I ask these questions, however, I'm not trying to trick God. I'm just trying to make sense of life and who God is. I want to understand God better and grow in my relationship with Him. If we don't ask the hard questions, we can never strengthen our prayer.

When I question God, the problem is usually with me. I'm angry, hurt, sad, or confused and I don't know how to express it. These emotions can leave me scared and overwhelmed. But when I sit with those deeper feelings and attempt to bring those to prayer, I'm usually comforted; not always with answers, but with compassion.

Instead of feeling guilty for questioning God or doubting his power, let us look into ourselves and ponder the reason we are questioning in the first place.

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