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See Faith

Monday of the second week of Advent: Today's readings

"Jesus saw their faith..." While our faith is personal, it should not always be private. It was faith of the man's friends that forced them to act. Not only did the love their friend enough to cut a whole in a stranger's ceiling, but they knew that Jesus had the power to do something about the man's paralysis. Their faith was made visible in their actions.

We are called to witness our faith in our actions as well. Our actions don't have to be as dramatic as the example in the Gospel. Sometimes it is the small things done diligently that give witness to our relationship with God. We see an athlete's perseverance as they work tirelessly to come back from an injury, or we see a teacher's patience as they handle the ever-changing school situation amid covid. So, how can we see the faith of others? How do others see faith in us?

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