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Sister Spotlight - Sr. Madonna

Today, I'm introducing you to Sr. Madonna. Although officially retired, she's an active member of the community and can frequently be found accompanied by her dog, Gracie.

Sr. Madonna and Gracie

What city/state were you born in?

Cincinnati, Ohio

When did you join the Sisters of the Precious Blood?

After grade school, age 14

Why the Sisters of the Precious Blood?

Most familiar with them. Taught me for eight years.

Who is your favorite Saint?

Our Blessed Mother. Inherited from my mother.

Do you have a favorite prayer or style of prayer?


What do you in your spare time?


What is your favorite:

  • Book: Author Ron Rohlhauser

  • Food: Squash & Zucchini

  • Movie: none - need to sit still too long

  • Holiday: Easter

  • TV Show: NCIS

What’s been your favorite ministry as a sister?


What piece of advice would you pass along to young adults in discernment?

Feel free to express your thoughts!

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