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Sister Spotlight - Sr. Marla

This month, we are delighted to introduce you to Sr. Marla Gipson. Sr. Marla is a Catholic convert, major sports fan and loves movies!

What city/state were you born in?

Marion, Ohio

What year did you join the Sisters of the Precious Blood?

Joined C.PP.S in 2001

Why the Sisters of the Precious Blood?

Drawn by PB Spirituality, which is our charism and also my relationship with some of the Sisters

Who is your favorite Saint?

St. Clare

Do you have a favorite prayer or style of prayer?

I like Lectio Divina, Liturgy of the Hours, Centering Prayer, Contemplative Dialogue. Each has its place.

What do you in your spare time?

I am a baseball and college basketball fan. I go to games and watch them on TV. I also read a lot and I like to go to the movie theatre.

What is your favorite:

  • Book: Right now it's "The Beauty of What Remain" by Steve Leder. Next week it might be different.

  • Food: Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

  • Movie: Moonstruck

  • TV Show: Finding Your Roots or maybe also old reruns of The Big Bang Theory, which I discovered when on lockdown due to the pandemic

What’s been your favorite ministry as a sister?

Coordinator of RCIA at the parishes where I served as Pastoral Associate

What piece of advice would you pass along to young adults in discernment?

I would say to keep searching until you find the place/vocation/ministry which makes you feel most and home and most like you.

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