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Sister Spotlight - Sr. Nancy

We are excited to introduce you to Sr. Nancy Kinross. Sr. Nancy is a tech guru, loves science fiction and has such a caring heart! Learn more about her from our recent interview!

What city/state were you born in?

I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio.

What year did you join the Sisters of the Precious Blood?

I entered the Sisters of the Precious Blood in 1962.

Why the Sisters of the Precious Blood?

When I discovered God was calling me to religious life, I had no specific community in mind and talked with Sisters of two communities. In talking with the CPPS Sisters I found them to have simplicity and joy. Some weeks later after confession, I prayed my favorite prayer (the Memorare) to our Blessed Mother, Mary. As I exited on the church steps, I knew I was called to CPPS and I have never regretted that guided decision.

Who is your favorite Saint?

My favorite Saint is our Blessed Mother; I often ask for her guidance & intercession with Jesus on my behalf.

Do you have a favorite prayer or style of prayer?

One part of prayer is listening to God. Most of my prayer, after reading scriptures, is sitting before God, listening to what God has in mind for me. Sometimes in prayer I experience so many distractions. When that happens, I tell God that I will just sit before him, loving him, and being loved by Him—that will be my prayer. Sometimes I pray by journaling. I often pray the “Prayer to the Holy Spirit” for wisdom in living the Gospel life that Jesus taught us, especially loving others.

What do you in your spare time?

Now that I am retired, I have more time for prayer: morning, evening & Mass. In my spare time I like to cook, read spiritual books/articles and novels, and watch TV. I like to spend time with family and friends. also help our Sisters with their computers. When the Covid-19 is safely in check, I hope to volunteer with the Dayton Catholic Charities

What is your favorite:

  • Book: I have no favorite book as there are many I have very much enjoyed; some are novels and some spiritual.

  • Food: Cheesecake

  • Holiday: Thanksgiving

  • Movie: Star Trek Series

  • TV Show: My favorite TV show is the old “Gunsmoke.” I favor stories where the hero is a good person who has integrity, pays attention to the needs of others, while also having faults.

What’s been your favorite ministry as a sister?

My favorite ministry over the years as a Sister was my direction of the Elder High School’s program (Tech-Reach) of outreach to the poor and elderly. We used on the weekday evenings, the high school’s five computer labs to teach computer skills to low-income people who could use these skills to get better paying jobs. We also taught computer skills to senior citizens and taught English to the many Spanish speaking people. Another need addressed was tax preparation. Every tax season we collaborated with many neighboring social service organizations in the area to prepare taxes for those who needed help and could not afford paying regular tax preparers. Particularly we assisted the those of low-income and those qualified for the Earned Income Tax Credit. In addition to directing the program I so enjoyed teaching basic computer classes and forming relationships with all those we helped and worked with side by side.

What piece of advice would you pass along to young adults in discernment?

Pray to the Holy Spirit to guide you and open your heart to what God is calling you. Take the guided steps to be open in your discernment. Accept the truth you learn within your discernment. We Sisters believe our vocation efforts are to help women discern God’s call whether them to religious life, marriage, or the single life. I pray for you that you will do the work needed in listening to what God is calling you.

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