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The World Needs the Precious Blood

Genesis 4:10 states: The Lord said "What have you done? Listen! Your brother's blood cries out to me from the ground."

Waking up in Dayton, Ohio the morning after the recent mass shooting, I imagined God repeating these words to me, to all of us. The blood of our brothers and sisters is crying out not only to God, but to us.

Jesus shed His Precious Blood for us on the cross that we might be reconciled with God and one another. Although Jesus' shed his blood once and for all people, I believe His blood is crying out to us now as others needlessly suffer.

The call of the Precious Blood is one of healing, reconciliation, and ultimately love. These are not just flowery ideas to strive for. Healing, reconciliation and love act as both the way and the destination. It is hard, laborious and sacrificial work. We will be left with scars, much like the resurrected Christ. But we are strengthened for this task in the Eucharist, by the very Precious Blood that motivates and calls us.

So, when I'm discouraged by violence, death and hatred, that is when I am reminded why the world needs the Precious Blood so badly. And it is my call to continue the work of Jesus' Blood in the world today.

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