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Tidying Up

Second Sunday of Advent: Today's Readings

When I ask my foster sons to start cleaning up the living room, they usually reply, "Who is coming over?"

Our house isn't dirty, but it's usually messy. There are constantly dishes in (or near) the sink, clothes on the floor and toys in random places. But when we have a guest coming over, everyone knows it's time to tidy-up. We don't always have to vacuum or mop, but we put our own items away. I tell my boys that we want our guest to feel welcome and comfortable and "they can't sit on the couch if all your stuff is on it!"

Advent is like tidying up the house before a guest arrives. There's no shame in the mess we have created, but now is the time to clean it up. Advent is a reminder that we need to neaten our lives before Jesus comes. We don't necessarily have to feel guilty for the things we've forgotten to do or the ones we probably put too much emphasis on. Rather, it's time to acknowledge the mess and tidy up. We are making room for Christ to be welcome and comfortable in our lives.

What areas of your life do you need to "tidy up"? How are you preparing a way and a place for Christ to enter into more deeply this Christmas season?

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