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What happens when God calls someone else?

Monday of the first week of Advent: Today's Readings

In today's Gospel, we hear the familiar call story of a few of the disciples. But today, I'm struck by the sacrifice of the women in their lives. As a wife and mother, I think of Peter's wife and the mother of James and John. I wonder how they felt about Jesus calling the men in their lives. Were they overjoyed, happy, nervous, proud, scared?

Often I'm consumed with how God may be speaking to me that I forget that God is speaking to my family and friends as well. Sometimes, God is calling them to do extraordinary things and I'm meant to support them. For example, my husband recently began a new job. It really is a perfect fit for his gifts and talents. But since it's a higher level position, he can't take off as easily to care for the kids if they get sick. Some days when I'm overwhelmed, I can get angry that I have to sacrifice my time at work and he doesn't. Of course I'm proud of him for his ministry, but sometimes it's hard to be "left" at home and I feel less important.

Similarly, Peter left behind his household chores, including fishing which probably provided for his wife. What a sacrifice she must have made to allow Peter to follow God's call! I'm reminded that God's call is communal. When Jesus asked Peter to be his disciple, he was also asking something of his wife. God is calling everyone is our lives and many are required to give something up to pursue that call. But perhaps, when you think of what you've been called to "leave behind" this season, you may realize that you've been called to stay behind. Rest assured, that is a worthy and noble call as well.

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