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Spiritual Resources

The Sisters are continually developing and offering resources that can help to build and strengthen your spiritual life. From for certain liturgical seasons (like Lent and Advent) to educational eBooks, subscribers are given many opportunities throughout the year to foster a deeper spirituality.


Our retired sisters, who are no longer in active service, find much joy in praying for and holding the intentions of others in their daily prayers. Be sure to submit your prayer requests when you submit the form below.


The Sisters of the Precious Blood have been in the Dayton area for over 200 years. As staples of the community, they organize and remain involved in local events such as outreach projects, Homicide Vigils, special Masses, and community gatherings. Our subscribers have an option to be notified of these upcoming events – see below.

Stay Connected
Stay Connected

We look forward to your participation in our community!

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