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Free Liturgy of the Hours E-book

The Liturgy of the Hours is the oldest and most popular prayer of the Church. Sr. Joyce Ann Zimmerman talks about how this prayer came about, why it's important and the importance of praying it regularly!

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From Sr. Joyce Ann Zimmerman

As a Sister of the Precious Blood, Sr. Joyce Ann Zimmerman is the founding director of the Institute for Liturgical Ministry in Dayton, Ohio. She has published countless scholarly articles and books on spirituality and liturgical ministry. Her unique voice offers practical reflections both in her writing and her presentations.

She has written this e-book to invite and encourage young people to join in the life of the Church by praying the liturgy of the hours!

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After reading about the Liturgy of the Hours, you can join the Church in daily prayer & reflection with a FREE copy of "Give Us This Day".

As a long-time contributing writer for Liturgical Press, Sr. Joyce Ann Zimmerman arranged for all those who download her e-book to receive one FREE copy of this wonderful book of daily prayer. 

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