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"Come and See"

I've recently started watching a series about the followers of Jesus called "The Chosen." Rather than focusing on Jesus, it focuses on the lives of a few of the disciples. Simon is a know-it-all, scheming fisherman and Matthew is a stuttering, disliked tax collector. Andrew struggles to keep track of his brother, while James and John are caught in the middle of a fishing scandal.

The story takes creative liberties with parts of the disciples' lives that aren't included in scripture. However, it's in these believably dire situations of the disciples that make Jesus' entrance into their lives even more profound. As the viewer enters into Simon's life the week before his encounter with Jesus in the boat, it becomes much easier to understand why he accepts Jesus' invitation to "Come and See" almost immediately.

I tell you all about this for two reasons. I'd love for you to watch the show. (You have to download the app in order to watch it, but it's worth it!) I also want to remind you that Jesus cares about what's going on in your daily lives. He will reach out to you where are you and make Himself known. He also asks that you trust Him in return.

No matter where you are in your life right now, Jesus is inviting you to "Come and See". Come and see what Jesus can do for you. Come and see how your life can be changed by being his disciple. For some of you, that may mean looking into religious life and discerning if that's how Jesus is calling you to live life as a disciple. For others of you, that might mean trusting God when a new opportunity arises.

Be open to how God may be calling you. Let Him perform miracles in your life. Your miracle may not be an abundance of fish, but it will likely show up as love in unexpected places or hope in the midst of destruction. When you encounter your miracle, pay attention to the invitation of God that follows!

If you are feeling God's invitation to explore the possibility of religious life, I invite you to participate in our "Come and See" retreat that happening NEXT WEEK! It's all virtual, so you don't have to leave your room! For more information, visit the registration page!

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