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Pope's Advice on Discerning

In his reflections on Good Shepherd Sunday, Pope Francis recently gave advice on discerning between the voice of God and the voice of Satan. Most of us know that we must listen for the voice of God, but how do we know if it's God's voice, our own or even Satan trying to deceive us? Pope Francis offers a few pieces of advice that Aleteia summed up into eight questions.

In discerning the voices we are hearing, it's important to ask ourselves the following questions:

  1. Am I still free?

  2. Am I being flattered?

  3. Am I looking forward?

  4. Am I in the present moment?

  5. Is it about my ego?

  6. What aftertaste does it leave?

  7. Am I seeking light or hiding?

  8. Am I led to trust?

Prayerfully answering these questions can help us discern the voice of God.

The list was taken from an article on Aleteia and can be found in full here. The Pope's full address on May 3rd can be found here.

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