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Vocation FAQs

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

We've seen a TON of increased traffic on our website and with more women interested in us, I've been asked a few questions about the type of women we are looking for to join our community! So, here are some FAQs.

Do I have to be Catholic?

Yes. Traditionally nuns or sisters are Catholic women who dedicate themselves to God. Though there might be a few communities of women of other faiths living similar vows. We ask that a woman to be Catholic for at least three years before entering religious life. However, we can start discernment before the three year mark. We do ask that a woman complete RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation) before officially discerning with us.

What are your age requirements to enter?

Traditionally, we would like a woman to be 18-40 years old when she begins the discernment process. However, we encourage women to continue with their college education before discerning with us on a full time basis. Our upper age limit is such so that a woman has time to complete formation and have many years of ministry before retiring. There are exceptions to this rule, so you're always welcome to e-mail me (

Do I have to be debt-free?

No. We understand the cost of education is high and obviously there are other living expenses such as housing and transportation. These types of debt are not an issue. Excessive credit card debt would need to be paid off prior to entering religious life.

What type of career would I have?

Our Sisters prayerfully discern with the community a career of their choosing. Each sister of working age is expected to minister full time and contribute financially to the community. For this reason, a woman must be eligible and able to work in the United States. Our sisters work in health care, finance, education, pastoral ministry, law, social work and more.

I have a dating history. Is that a problem?

No. Any single (non-married) women are invited to consider religious life. If a woman has been married previously, she would need an annulment. Women with children are encouraged to wait until their children are old enough to physically and financially support themselves.

Do you have other requirements?

Women must speak English in order to enter the Sisters of the Precious Blood. English need not be the first language of an interested woman, but a woman must be able to speak basic English prior to full entrance.

Women also must be capable of learning basic theology. This capability is shown through a bachelors degree of any kind or a willingness to return to school.

If you have any questions about entering religious life, I would love to chat with you more! Please e-mail me and we can touch base soon!

Download our e-book which explains more about who a Sister of the Precious Blood is!

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